Focusing Passion, Policies and Planning on Trees

Greetings to past delegates, speakers and sponsors for the 2012 and 2014 Women's Arboriculture Conference.
I'm sending this message to everyone in the hopes someone or some group will want to pick up the torch and carry on with the conference for 2016 or schedule it for later.
I enjoyed every step of putting together the past two conferences; literally a dream come true for me, however I need to step aside.
For 2016, there is very little in place other than possibility of having it at the University of Washington campus in the summer of 2016.
Kind regards,

The 2014 Women's Arboriculture Conference was a unique experience as an inter-disciplinary forum addressing trees, their place in our world and our relationship with them. Speakers and delegates who are arborists, foresters, horticulturalists, landscape architects and designers, land planners and managers, and master gardeners met with the shared purpose of discussing and problem-solving tree-related issues.

Group Photo of participants in Women Arboriculture Conference 2014
Group Photo of the Participants of Women's Arboriculture Conference 2014

The 2014 Conference was held
at Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa

The major sponsor and organizer for this conference is Mumby's Arboriculture Consulting Mumby's Arboriculture Consulting